The floor plan of the Cromarty Hall.
The floor plan of the Cromarty Hall.

The Cromarty Hall is available to hire for both public and private events on a per room basis. To book the hall for your own event, please contact Edwina Lloyd on 01856 831323 or via email. Long term bookings, e.g. for regular or consecutive days, may qualify for a 10% discount. All bookings are subject to approval and our conditions of hire, which are available on request.

Our current prices are listed below.

Room(s),Cost per hour
Main Hall and Bar,£8.50
Conference Room,£3.00
Meeting Room,£3.00
Kitchen and Servery,£4.00
Conference Room and Kitchen,£5.50

Equipment Hire

We also have a range of equipment available for hire to go along with room bookings.

Item,Price per item
Table (large round),£5
Table (small round),£2
Table (rectangular),£3
Chair (padded),£1.50
Chair (padded over 100 available),£1
Chair (silver),£1
Table cloth (round),£6
PA system with operator,£60~~(discretion of the committee)
Projector and screen~~(with operator),£30
Portable PC projector, remote mouse, screen and stand, £TBA

Special Events


Use of the Main Hall, Kitchen, Servery, Bar and cloakroom from the afternoon before to the morning after.


Charge and inclusions to be negotiated on an individual basis.

Exhibition Space

Charged on a commission basis (10% – 20%) with a minimum charge depending on requirements.